NECO Biology Specimen 2018 | Check NECO Biology Practical Specimen AVAILABLE

NECO Agricultural Science Specimen 2018 | Check NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen Here.

NECO | NECO Agricultural Science Specimen 2018 | This page contains list of Agricultural Science Specimen and materials that will be used for the June/July 2018 Agricultural Science Practical Examination. Stay focus and read through.

NECO Agricultural Science Specimen 2018

NECO Agricultural Science Specimen 2018

The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

NECO Agricultural Science Specimen.


  1. Practical specimen A: Born specimen B: Horn
  2. Practical specimen C: Hoof
  3. Practical specimen D: Water (labelled)
  4. Practical specimen E: Cowpea seeds
  5. Practical specimen F: Tridax
  6. Practical specimen G: Goat weed specimen H: Sida
  7. Practical specimen I: spear grass
  8. Practical specimen J: Elephant grass
  9. Practical specimen K: pig weed
  10. Practical specimen L: water leaf


  1. Practical specimen M: urea (labelled)
  2. Practical specimen N: compost manure (labelled)
  3. Practical specimen O: NPK 15 : 15 : 15
  4. Practical specimen P: electric bulb
  5. Practical specimen Q: garden fork
  6. Practical specimen R: hand trowel specimen S: knapsack sprayer
  7. Practical specimen T: rat
  8. Practical specimen U: termite
  9. Practical specimen V: earthworm
  10. Practical specimen W: paddy rice
  11. Practical specimen X: groundnut seeds specimen Y: maize stem borer
  12. Practical specimen Z: grasshopper.

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